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Product Design, Software Engineering & Manufacturing Services
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Object-Based Storage
JDV Solutions — Your reliable technology source for data management, archival systems and object-based storage solutions including:
  • Consulting
  • System Design & Software Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Prototypes
  • Small to Medium Quantity Manufacturing Runs

Software Design and Engineering for the Media & Entertainment, Storage & Consumer Industries

Product Design, Software & Engineering Services
JDV Solutions has product design and software engineering expertise that can take your ideas from concept to completion without breaking the bank.  Areas of expertise include storage solutions for media and entertainment, archiving and policy management, Linux storage appliance solutions and object-based storage systems.

UI Design for Appliance Control
JDV Solutions can design web-based and mobile UIs. Looking for a UI to control your system? Does the UI need to support a web-based interface or other mobile devices? JDV has designed UIs for both consumer devices and commercial device control.  We are experienced in understanding what the UI needs to accomplish and then leverage the best technologies to achieve that goal.
Manufacturing, Operations & Logistics
Once your design is complete, we can handle all your manufacturing needs to get your product to market fast. From a design prototype to easily scaleable manufacturing, JDV Solutions has the experience and expertise to handle it all at a price that you just won’t find with other contract manufacturers. This expertise gives you the time to build your customer base and refine your product before committing to larger manufacturing runs.
Technical Writing
Built around  STC award‑winning technical writing, JDV Solutions can help with all phases of documentation including writing, editing, proofreading and publishing. From user's manuals, command reference manuals and installation guides to online help that your customer's will actually find helpful, we have done it all.