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From an established professional team with start-up and television industry experience, we have grown into a product design, software development, manufacturing and logistical services company that can give you a jump-start on reaching your goals, getting you to market in the fastest time possible without all the headaches and hassles of "do it yourself" development efforts.

JDV Solutions — All the Expertise and Experience You Need to Get the Job Done Right!

Founded in November 2009, JDV Solutions (JDV) is a spinoff of Interact-TV Inc. JDV is comprised of a talented group of broadcast television and open systems veterans that have been successful in both private and public companies. The JDV team not only shares a common vision, but also has prior experience in successfully working together. JDV designed, developed, manufactured and shipped archiving appliances for Cache-A Corp. from 2009 until June 2014.

The driving force behind JDV Solutions and Interact-TV is Ken Fuhrman. Ken has over 30 years of experience designing software for storage, video and graphics systems for the broadcast television and video industries. While at JDV, Ken represented Cache-A Corp. as VP of Engineering and Operations from 2011 to 2013.  Prior to founding Interact-TV, Ken was the founder and Chairman of Evolving Video Technologies (EVT). EVT was sold to RT‑SET in 1999; five months later, RT‑SET (renamed to Viz-RT) went public on the Neuer Markt in Germany. AT Viz-RT, Ken was Director of Broadcast Graphics, a senior executive position. Prior to EVT, Ken held project management and senior development positions at Ampex Corporation and American Television & Communications. Ken has numerous patents in graphics technology and has authored papers on programming and design. He has significant experience in video compression, software for broadcast television and graphics production, and object‑oriented design and programming. In the early 1980s, while at American Television and Communications (an early technical innovator in cable TV solutions), Ken developed technology for one of the first 2‑way cable systems. He was a technical designer and contributor to over ten patents on 2‑way cable system technologies.