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From Home Entertainment Servers to LTFS storage and archival data solutions. From Linux-based product design and software development to manufacturing services. We have a proven track record in multiple arenas including:
  • Business-to-Business Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Engineering Prototypes
  • Small to Medium Quantity Manufacturing Runs

From Consumer to Corporate, Production to Post, Government and Educational Institutions, 
We've Done It All ...

Business-to-Business Solutions

From 2009 until June 2014, JDV Solutions designed, manufactured and shipped over 2,000 data archive systems worldwide. These systems spanned the complete product line for Cache-A Corp., a leading supplier of network-attached, small form‑factor LTO‑4, 5 and 6 archive appliances targeting the digital film and professional video industry. These systems are currently used by industry leaders including:

  • Major studio production houses including MGM Studios, BBC America, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers

  • Post-production houses including Nomad Editing, The Post Group and Nice Shoes

  • Sports production including FOX Sports, ESPN, various NFL teams and Manchester United

  • Government institutions including California Highway Patrol, INSCOM and City of Seattle

  • Educational institutions including National Education Assn., Columbia College and The Walt Disney Museum

  • Corporations including Google, Hasbro and Lockheed Martin

  • Religious institutions including In Touch Ministries, CBN and Int’l Mission Board

just to name a few ...

JDV Solutions is a spinoff of Interact-TV Inc. The Interact-TV Telly product line established a prestigious business‑to‑business customer base including a significant partnership in November 2005 with Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) for over 500 Telly product units and special software work for Video‑On‑Demand (VOD) trials and services.

Consumer Solutions

In 2003, JDV Solutions (then Interact-TV) was the first mover in a Digital Home Entertainment operating system. The underlying power behind Interact-TV media servers, LMC (Linux Media Center) was a media platform designed from the ground up to enable development of compelling, entertainment-centric digital media management products. LMC-based products were extremely flexible and designed to run on a variety of hardware platforms including multimedia PCs and other embedded entertainment commodity hardware.

Consumer products included the design and manufacture of the complete line of Interact-TV digital home media servers. The main products included Telly, MyTelly, TeraTelly and TellyVizion, a complete line of media servers (branded as “Home Entertainment Servers”) and playback units based on Interact-TV’s LMC (Linux Media Center). The media server was a dedicated device that sat at the nexus of broadband internet access, home networking and entertainment in the home. It allowed the user to easily store, manage and enjoy digital media as well as access it throughout the networked home. 

Key accomplishments included:

  • Telly MC1000 introduced in August 2003 at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco – sold out by December 2003

  • Telly MC1200 introduced in August 2004 – Won Consumer Electronics Association ("CEA") 2005 Innovations Award

  • TeraTelly introduced in December 2004 – The first Media Server with over 1.2 Terabytes of storage

  • TellyVizion introduced in September 2005 – A playback unit that allowed multi-room access throughout the networked home to all the digital media stored on the Media Server

  • TeraTelly won the 2006 Storage Visions® Conference’s prestigious Visionary Product Award in the Best Integrated Media Server category at CES 2006. TeraTelly was awarded for the most innovative use of data storage in the home environment

  • TeraTelly won the 2006 CEA & EHouse ExpoTechHome Award 

  • ProTelly was a finalist for CEA 2007 Mark of Excellence Award in Best Media Server category

  • MediaPool introduced in July 2008 – Won CEA 2008 Innovations Award